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New York City
Central Park, Empire State Building,
Financial District, Street Scenes



New York City





New York City
Our 2001 trip to NYC was planned at the end of a North Africa - Morocco and southern Spain "Costa del Sol" trip. Claudia and I had picked up a bug in Morocco that gave us a bad case of diarrhea. As we returned to the good ole USA in NYC I called my medical provider in Atlanta - Kaiser Permente. My doctor called in a prescription to a local pharmacy - Duane Reade. It seemed that there was a Duane Reade Pharmacy on every corner in Manhattan. It reminded me of the way Rennebaum Drug stores were all over Madison when I was at the University of Wisconsin. We trekked to the nearest one, purchased the 4 Cipro pills priced at over $10 each. I took my first one, and it seemed that within minutes I felt better. In fact I felt good enough to explore the city the way I did back in the 1970s when I was in college, a walking and subway tour.

What a city. This was the spring of 2001. The flowers were in bloom and the chill of winter was just being shaken from the city. We walked to Central Park from the Time Square area. We saw the Guggenheim Museum. We took the tour to the top of the Empire State Building and then the subway to the financial district. That evening we went to Les Miserables on Broadway.

Thank god for the civilized world and modern medicine. It sure is a contract to Morocco.





Photos from NYC